Econo-Pull (Spiral configuration)

Econo-Pull (spiral configuration)

Spiral cable configuration known as Econo-pull are assemblies of building wire factory bound, CSA/UL labeled or not, and shipped on pull-length reels. Each conductor is numbered at every 2 inches.

For long pulls in conduit where all the conductors have to be conveyed from one end to another. When minimum outside diameter and maximum flexibility are needed, for example where conduit is undersized or when there’s many sharp bends. When spiral structure is needed, to minimize current build-up in control wires adjacent to power wires, in mixed control/power situation. When the overall assembly is to be jacketed.
Parfait lorsque le cable doit être envoyé à l’extrusion ou armurage.

Econo-pull cables in spiral configuration are assembled in concentric layers. This produces a tight and round assembly that pulls smoothly which also happens to have a minimum outside diameter. Econo-pull cables can be made using your inventory (type of wire, awg, number of wires and colors are according to the customer's request).

Numbers are printed in ink at every 2 inches along the entire length of each wire in an alternating direction to facilitate readability. (Number 1 to 75 available) •They can also be identified by a single longitudinal stripe or up to 3 spiral stripes of different colors.