Aerial Cable

Aerial cable

When installing relatively light cable or installing a short distance cable, a galvanized steel support cable 1/8 "in diameter is used. On the other hand, when installing over a longer distance and / or with a fairly heavy cable, it is imperative to use a galvanized steel support cable 1/4 '' in diameter and depending on the case of a larger gauge. The resistance to stretching of this type of cable gives the user the ability to install virtually any cable available on the market. The process involves helically wrapping a tape of poplypropylene around the cables paired together.

Any type of wire or cable can be lashed by adding a guy wire to it, wrapped helically with a black polypropylene flat tape.

To support any types of cable from pole to pole. To support any types of cable in an inside location such as a large area.

At the same time, we offer you our identification service either by dyeing, numbering or simply by applying a longitudinal or spiral color line.